Lyrics to Jabba On The Dais
Jabba On The Dais Video:
(Spoken)1944, Modesto, CaliforniaGeorge Lucas is born1976Decland Mulholand appears as Jabba in a cutscene from Star Wars1977Star Wars debuts to stellar box office recieps1980The Empire Strikes Back opens to a response most impressive1983Jabba makes his film debut in Return Of The Jedi1997Star Wars Special Edition includes a a CGI JabbaOn March 7th of the same yearJabba appears in Special Edition of Return Of The Jedi1999 Mississippian rock singers Matthew Beall and Petch Lucas record Jabba On The DaisOn the dais, on the daisJabba on the daisA digny palace in the desert flats of TatooineA drunken revelry of aliens so crass and meanAdmidst the smokey haze and intergalactic chaosThere sprawls the mighty one himselfLook it's Jabba on the daisLike a two ton slug upon a concrete throneHe swings his brandy as he tosses the rancor a boneSpringng trap doors on dancersWhen they won't put outThsi hutt is vile beyond comparisonThere ain't no doubtOn the dais...At Jabba's side is perched the cackaling Salacious CrumbWho rips at Threepio's eye sockets with his scaly thumbWhile on the stage Max Rebo band sing and playAnd through the door comes Skywalker to save the dayHan Solo's chilling on the wall when Chewie's brought beforeThe court of Jabba where See-Threepio's knocked to the floorThe thermal detonator and disguise are really Leia'sAs she makes a bogus deal with mighty Jabba on the daisOn the dais...In the corner Boba's macking with that dancing chickWhile Bib Fortuna's falling for Luke's old Jedi mind trickLand tries to be unnoticed though he bumps his headAnd Princess Leia's talking smack but gets chained up instedThe Rancor's stomach is growling but he'll soon be deadCause Master Luke is gonna drop a blast door on his headAnd now the revelry is silenced from it's drunken chaosAnd a flopping and a flailingJabba's bitching on the daisOn the dais...On the dais...Vader made meDo it to him babyVader made meDo it to him babyYea yea yeaJabba, JabbaPlease unlock meJabba, JabbaPlease unlock meYea yea yeaOn the dais...

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