I've Made Enough Friends Lyrics

The Wrens

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Lyrics to I've Made Enough Friends
I've Made Enough Friends Video:
brush your shoulder w/ an off-hand gesture / I'm holding your stare /
invite me upstairs
we look for reasons to stand closer touching / we look at a book / of
pictures you took
see who's taller and then arm wrestle a bet / I match your breathing
our chins touch closer we get
it's hours later and we're not much further / we've made it to bed /
your shirt's 'round my head
hands full of your hair and I can't stop kissing / I'm licking your
lips / my hand on your hips
a rush of wonder this charm we're under might last / are we done with
others all other lovers are past
what's beginning? a brand-new winning, I can't stop kissing, I can't

undo your buckle while you bite at my neck / I've waited no end / I've
made enough friends
we're down to nothing and I can't stop shaking / you're nothing but
skin / I think we're done in
rush of wonder this spell we're under might last / we're too
hoping, our years are showing and fast /
we're too desperate, too soon investing, another lesson I'll pass
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