Lyrics to I've Got Cash
I've Got Cash Video:
I've Got Cash, I've Got Cash
If You Don't Got That Swag I'll Be Right Back
I've Got Cash, Plenty Of More Where Thats At
I've Got Cash, I've Got Cash
If You Don't No That Swag I'll Be Right Back
With That.

Verse 1:
Money aint a thang all
I just make my lout and ball
Next i give your girl a call
And she just keep em fallin like
Like man why trippin like
I dont need kryptonight
I got a new apitite ima eat it all up
Yess Ima Eat It all up
And When I Come Back My Stack Better Be On The Counter
And I Better Not Count To Three.
Cause If I Do... You Wont Be Able To Breath
Im getting my money dont worry bout that
and me enfinety we droppin them tracks
me and jeezy we gettin them stacks
like like like wow dude
tell me whats your altitude
show me whats you bout to do
cause i dont wanna look like
the man that got shoock twice
cause that dont really look right
That Dont Look Good On My Resamay
tell me what i gotta pay
to be in your clique cause you the shhh...
man i just gotta let you no


you aint got nothing on me
i see you peeping threw the window

Verse 2:
i got more money in the bank
then all my hatas think
i got my cash in the house
then you could ever think about
i got my doe in my pants
and you can never have a chance
get bread like me?
you better check id
look at my swag i pop then tags
hoppin' jags stoppin it mann
there aint no stoppin me
lets go on shoppin sprees
i fly high, i got g5s
supermans the man
yess i got cash


Ive Got Cash
Like Ca-ching Baby
i Know you dont see the way my ring keep shinin on you
Ive Got Cash
Like Ca-ching Baby
i Know you see the way i ball

(Thanks to Michael Shelly for these lyrics)
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