I've Got A Great Idea Lyrics

Harry Connick Jr.

We Are In Love

Lyrics to I've Got A Great Idea
I've Got A Great Idea Video:
I've got a great idea
And wouldn't you like to know
You probably can't bear it
So I guess I'll have to share it
I thought of it a moment ago

It starts with your hand in mine
And next comes a little stroll
You probably won't buy it
But I'm trying to keep it quiet
So please don't tell a soul

'Cause if you do
The world and you
Will think I'm crazy and give me medicine
They'll drag me away
And as I go you'll hear me say
I could have been a decent match for Edison

Ideas are few and far between
And good ideas are rarer still
So listen and be wise
Just forget the other guys
'Cause my idea's no good for three
My idea is you and me

Songwriters: CONNICK, HARRY JR
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