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Lyrics to I've Been Watching You
I've Been Watching You Video:
(feat. N-Dow)

[Bridge One: Kangol Slim]

I met this girl at the C-L-U-B
She gave me her phone number, told me "Won't you call me?"
She told me hit her bout a quarter to three
I hit her on her celli and guess what she told me?
She said....

[Chorus: N-Dow]

I've been watching you for a long time
Having dreams of making you mine
So won't you come on over to my place?
Hurry up cuz I don't want to wait


[First Verse: Kangol Slim]

Now when I hit the club scene, she was jockin'
I don't know if it was the gear or the way the diamonds rockin'
But she stared at a nigga, from afar
Standin' out like a star drinkin' crown and coke at the bar
And I'm wonderin' who she can be? Tell me what's her name?
Shoulda stepped to this pretty thang, spit a little game
And she walked in my way, looked at me dead in my face
Lookin' sexy, right now I'm thinkin' of some good words to say
I told her, "Senorita, nice meetin' ya
I have some things I could teach ya"
I said "I want her", she said she want me
Gave me her number, told me hit her a quarter to three
Senorita, nice meetin' ya
I have some thing I could teach ya
I said "I want her", she said she want me
Gave me her number, told me hit her a quarter to three

[Bridge One]

[Chorus x1/3]

[Second Verse: Mista Menor]

God damn! First date and we bumpin' and grindin'
What? You call me a dog and you the first to whinin'?
Ain't no shoppin' sprees Baby, I ain't the one for dinin'
You can stop that cussin', you can stop that cryin'
I don't trick, I treat when I deals with mine
And that lovin' me shit? You can stop your lyin'
I've heard of love at first sight, but sex the first night?
You'll make a real nigga think you ain't playin' it right
Girl I'll tell you anything when I'm between them legs
And you might hear "I love you" when you're on the head
That's the words that every real nigga done said
Let a spade be a spade that's the tricks of the trade

[Bridge One]

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