Lyrics to I've Been Around
Curtain down
It's time to go
End of the story
End of the show
There's no need, it would seem
Hanging round
This lonely town

I played to win
I lost a few
I made the papers
And I've been [?]
But when I'm done, let it be
Written down
I've been around

I've been [?]
Down on your street
I've had the treasure
Laid at my feet
I've played the hero
I've been the clown
I flew like an arrow
Close to the ground

So raise a glass
Clear the floor
I'll take the last [?]
And I'll find the door
And I'll smile, while the house
Lights go out
'Cause I've been around

I've been loved
I've been lost
I've been found
But I've been around
I've been around