ItsAToughPillToSwallow Lyrics

Xavier Wulf


Lyrics to ItsAToughPillToSwallow
I thought that you would never ask again
Is it because when we were friends, I said this is till the end?
Then I lied to you and then you walked away
How can I be the same if I'm not okay?
You act like you don't remember me
But I remember you
I remember you
You act like you don't remember me
But I know you
I know you
And I know you know me too

These words are true
Everything I say and confess to you
It's not me, it's you
I know that it hurts, but it's just the truth
It seems my best is not good enough
I picked a four-leaf clover and still had bad luck

And I know you see your phone
I know you're home alone
And you wanna pick it up
But I know I've lost your trust
If I can get it back, I must
I'll do whatever I have to and whatever I can do

I was there for you
I was there for you
How dare you say any different
I cared for you, I bare the truth
I double-dog dare you to listen

And I know you've asked all your friends
What do they think about all of this?
And do they really think I care?
And I know they lied to your face
If I could take their fucking place
I would've only told the truth