Lyrics to It's Up To You
It's Up To You Video:
I know we never meant to fall
But the moment that my eyes met yours
Our hearts went tumbling
Before we new what happened

And now that I'm looking back
Ya know I get the feeling that
We started givin' up
Just to keep from givin' in

I still find hope in what little words we say
And I'm holding on in a big way

So if you ever change your mind
I'll be waiting first in line
You can hang your toothbrush next to mine
It's up to you

Every time I look at you
I don't know how to hold on to
The way I think and feel and breathe
When I'm around you

Oh we've been down the roughest roads
I know we've gone so far, and come so close

Sometimes I sit inside your chair
I try to see what you saw from there
Too much too soon
But I've got so much to share
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