Lyrics to It's Up To You
It's Up To You Video:
(feat. Lord Finesse)

[James Brown @ The Apollo]
"So now ladies and gentlemen here it is Startime! Are you ready for
[Showbiz cuts up]
[Lord Finesse]
Showbiz..Wassup? [x2]
Andre the Giant...(Wassup?) [x2]
[Lord Finesse & DJ] Andre the Giant, here to get wicked, Lord Finesse..
Mike Smooth - Keep It Flowing

[Lord Finesse (A.G.)]
Wassup? (Yo kick it!)
Now it's the grand majestic so don't even test it
(Finesse from the Bronx?)
Yeah money you guessed it
Keep it, don't try to run around and speak it
Point blank, I keep my whereabouts secret
Hardcore, rock more, money I clock more
making more noise than a nine in a block war
I get respect and wreck cause my facts be real
I'm eating steaks you messing with Happy Meals
Me get slain? Be for real let's game
I'm crazy with the poor brother out the frame
I speak clearly so those can hear me
That's my fairy, me fall off? OH really?
None can do me school me rule me or even fool me
My skills are brighter than jewelry
I'm no joker a slow po my rap a stampo
I'm hitting freaks up on a downstroke
I'm so good girls don't wanna park with this
Got so much game I should have my own cartridges
I'm smooth, and I role with a strong crew
on stage I know who the mic belongs to
MC's I school and I be testing 'em
They see me on stage and say;
(I ain't gonna mess with him!)
Far from a lame brain sure to gain fame
See y'all weak booty rappers better maintain
Stronger than cold rocks with rap sure shot
I rock a party til I'm older than fourpipe[?]
Create and make up rhymes like a wild professor
I play with MC's like a child molester
Days and days on I keep the stage warm
I ain't the average brother when I'm having a brainstorm
Not from the Old School and don't plan to be
Brothers sleep until they see the man in me
Get too much sexing, money and respectin
I don't have time and think about the next man
I'll take on any plus I play and slay crews
Slam up paras and be about your way troop
If this was jail, I run ya commensary
And keep ya quiet like a monk in a monestary
I'm inclined to get mine with a fast rhyme
If rap was a game, brothers they quit at half-time
You know for a fact when being competitors for
I'll take a hundred leave more negative four
And that goes to those who are full of it
Cause I stalk more rappers than a lunatic
So you Andre this is a two mad crew

"It's up to you so what you gon' do"

I kick game and my skills are infinite
chill on a down low your girl are get pimped quick
I take your girl don't poop me to a test
cause in a few..she be calling you her ex
I go with the flow, yeah it's like that
Always get raw to a stupid funky hype track
Yeah I'm the Giant the one who gets loose on this
Diamond and Premier are producers that produce the hits
Showbiz is the number L.G. is great and Finesse is the best mother..
Kickin the verses too skills better hurt your crew
What you supposed to do? Take it personal
Step up yeah and you'll be taken out
And that's a warning to those that wanna run they mouth
You wanna see me on the mic, yo I ain't the one
Yeah I'm a Giant and I carry a giant gun
Mess around and get smoked hard
While I'm saying oh yeah, you'll be saying (LF: Oh god)
Now you'll rub it up, but I stay clean
The only ones safe is the ones on Andre's team
Gary Do, world and Big Ta[?]
Lord Finesse, Showbiz and I
Be telling Show I won't bury B
KD, Twan and L.G.
Bronx [?]swiftful day L.B.F.E. and my man called Ice T
Now with the rhythm that I've got I'm slaving you
saying what's up to the whole damn Haven Crew
The B Bill posse cause with stuff like this can't nobody stop me
Now where was I, the matter in hand
everybody's drifting but Dre is the man
Steppin us up similar to a seminar
a room full of MC's who will go far
who was weak, who was liver
who will fall and who'll be the sole survivor
So I set it off and brothers disappear
clipped the one so fast you would have thought Ajax was here
I'm not bragging all banes and sear
I'm not saying I'm the best, but yo I'm in here
like Ragoo break off sauce
once I step up, oppose who will take a loss
cause you know the flavor's good
Wear a bulletproof vest when you come to my neighbourhood
We three stick together and we that strong
We come through with hoodies in black and with hats on
You don't believe me then try me
You'll be the first sorry punk, that say; Why me?
As I rock your hands in the air
if Finesse gets raw then Dre's not gonna stand there
Brothers might sleep I assume but I lost it
I say we gon' hit you with some more hits
You said I'm new to this, that's Ludacris
Come one, come all there's nothing you can do to this
If you come alone I'm just gonna laugh at ya
Bring your whole crew so that I can turn it to a massacre
Showbiz that's ya cue

"It's up to you so what you gon' do"
[Showbiz cuts up & scratches]
"Out now" "See ya"
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