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Ice MC

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Lyrics to It´s Up To You
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It's up to you Tell me can you feel it Choose the life your livin' It's up to you Tell me can you feel it Get for what your givin' It?s up to you Tell me can you feel it Free your mind get higher It?s up to you Tell mi can you feel it Mr. Campbell take control Hold on there me come again me come again So tell youv friend seh Mister Campbell come fi win Beca mi pissed off wil di libby biuy Who depon radio a chat mi know you wah hear so?um fly Dis a di rider Lyrilly loco Non e poco ne un gioco... Tssss Tassss Brucia puesto fuoco A Believer in Almighty jah mi barl Yeah Yeah Because jah de ?bout you Di microphone rocker Lord mi ride pan di deat If you gual coid we will make her feel the heata Just like di pepper pan di pepperoni pizza If her name Benedetta or Margerita Bum diggy style seh dat done trom long time Ca raggamuffin healthy it run for nuff mile Don?t badda try for test unless you study mi style Study mi style come test you join the rest on the pile Mister, Mister fork twister head You better tapi noise upon me head like twisted sister Flavour, nuft a dat fi savor when mi deh ina di aet Just check mi hyson green behaviour A creatov of so?um sorta serious So seckle stan still ca mi comin? fi di kill Lambretta growin everyday mi barl Yeah Yeah, ca mi daya fi stay Power comin through just like dynamite Fatter, fatter, fatter tha n Barry White Naomi Campbell seh ahe wha be mi wife Never could?a get a better girl for the rest of my life Se mi have nuff S.O.U.L A soul hot like equator No I man couldn?t never cold So jump an shock out an let the good times roll Britaican wordster eome for take control

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