Lyrics to It's Today
It's Today Video:
We're living all alone
Wherever the first light we see
We're jamming all the roads
To find a reason to exist
The times we're living through
Are really worse than we all think
We are trapped in a world
That just grow grow grow

It's today
That we have to wake up
All the energy we own
In a way or else we know
It's the only way
To change the world
Not an option to retreat
It's a rule a certain fact
Our time is dead
Our time is dead
Our time is now
And now is past

We're trapped in a world
That still refuses technology
It's better to keep slow
And please corporatocracy
But even if we stop
To be the slaves of world machine
Their power is so strong
And still grows grows grows

(Thanks to Sacred for these lyrics)
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