It's Quite Alright Lyrics


Rancid 2000

Lyrics to It's Quite Alright
It's Quite Alright Video:
I can tell you how it'll go down
But only you can tell me how it'll end
All systems just stop right here
Why do we always pretend?
So many things can be a mystery
But all we're seeking is freedom
You realize that your reality
Is gonna be there to greet 'em
It's all right
It's quite all right me
Let the rich man confess like that
Man it's hard to stop
Better, get better
Don't let the deep end drop
And if you drop my name in regard to danger
I'm urgent only to heat
'Cause they say live in a world
Gonna set me free
It's all right
It's quite all right with me
Yeah, with me!

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