It's Okay, I Understand Lyrics

Courtney Marie Andrews

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Lyrics to It's Okay, I Understand
It's Okay, I Understand Video:
You don't confuse me, I get exactly what you're saying,
And I'm sure after a few drinks, you say exactly what you mean,
We were lovers in december but it got colder, it got wetter,
And you told me in my car that you're leaving in the summer,

So I drove around,
Looking for stable ground,
But this road is full of turns,
When my wheel it won't work,
My wheel it won't work

You kept me underneath your bed like another one of your secrets,
And it's okay, I understand, I will move on I will forget,
But you can still call me when it's really late or when you're really drunk or on saturdays,
It's the only time I can talk to you, it's the only time you'll listen to me,

But summer it will come, And I'll find a new love, someone brave and unafraid, of the possibilities,

La la la la.....

So why'd you sing to me, if it didn't mean a thing,
Why'd you look me in the eyes, if it just meant goodbyes
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