Lyrics to It's Not Too Late
It's Not Too Late Video:
We can't back down x3

not right now
we can't back down
yeah yeah yeah
Don't close your eyes we're all in this
together where ever
we'll draw a line
we'ew not gonna straddle across it
or lose it

we can't back down there's too much at stake
This is serious don't walk away
we can't pretend it's not happening in our own back yard our own home plate (no way)
We can't walk out till you hear your name
i'm not confused let's win this thing
we can't back down there's too much at stake.
Don't walk away don'y walk away
Yeah Yeah Yeah..

Don't get me wrong i don't like confrontation
I'd rather we all just get along
music should be undivided united!


we got a situation that we can't ignore cause
ignorance is not bliss
we don't have to take
this NO!
with every big
decision comes
incapably important
chare of the risk we
gotta take this (OH)

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