It's Not My Fault Lyrics

Mrs. Gilpin

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Lyrics to It's Not My Fault
It's Not My Fault Video:
Are you talking to me?
I thought that it was over
Two long years of my life
I need some time and closure
You lead me on and walk away
Been so long since I felt this way
In your eyes I fall in deep
While inside I want to weep
I don't want to hear what you have to say.
It's not my fault.

By myself on Friday night
Flushed with all emotions might
Tossing, turning in my bed
Notes to you, you haven't read
Sitting alone think of you
And are you thinking of me?
But when I stand up off the ground
My knees get weak and then you leave.

So now it's over and you're gone
No more standing on your lawn
No more sweet things about you
Now we're finished, now we're through.
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