It's Me Bitches (Remix) Lyrics

Swizz Beatz

One Man Band Man

Lyrics to It's Me Bitches (Remix)
It's Me Bitches (Remix) Video:
(feat. Lil Wayne, Jadakiss & R. Kelly)

[Lil' Wayne:]
Vule Vuvu Che Avey Gua Bitches!

[Swiss Beats:]

Chillin in my Beamer (SWISS)
{Sittin on me Phantom} (WAYNE)
Listenin to ether (SWISS)
{Listenin to the anthem} (WAYNE)

[Lil Wayne:]
Weezy that bad man
one man band man
your girl with me cell phone she don't answer
He so sweet make her wanna lick the wrapper...
so i let her lick the rapper
She take care of me and all me homeboys have the
Jump-off, jump-off the girl is a jump off
I let her snort a mountain
and she gets jumped off
Jump-off, jump-off
You know she can jump-off
Pull my dick out and let her jump-on, jump-off
You make it so hard when it sound so basic
Chevy grill lookin like a set of new braces
South side baby
We outside baby
We smokin on that spinach like Popeye baby
{french gibberish ?} yea i love my bitch
She's bonjour money and oh fly bitches
{more french gibberish ?} we doin the business
{even more french gibberish !?} mean we ain't snitches
Now can you tell me how good my french is
Vule Vuvu Che Avey Gua Bitches!

[R. Kelly:]
Hi nice to meet ya
Its Kells the freaker
Mr. 'Bump-and-Grind', Mr. 'Song-of-the-Weeker'
R&B singer
Mr. 'Defeater'
16 years and still coming through ya speakers
Mr. 'Pied-Piper'
Bitch im on fire
Don't trust me im a "Fieldboy Shiester"
I got Dreamgirls
What you wanna do
I got girls singin "and im tellin you..."
Up in the club
Flossin like a don
Album bout to drop so you bitches better run
Making her moan while making love to the song
After the sex I, beat my chest like King-Kong
Ice so cleared out everybody move
Haters on D, Im bout to take these fools
Everytime I shoot a shot its like (Swiss)
Everytime I shoot a shot its like (Swiss)
Everytime I shoot a shot its like (Swiss)
Im in the buildin and im lookin for a (Snitch)
Walk out the studio and man that's a (Hit)
Back in the studio and do the (remix)
Im in the Mark-V with a bad (chick)
Hop out fly, the paparazzi goin (click)

[Swiss Beats][beat changes]
Hold up! Wait a minute!
Hold up! Wait a minute!

Chillin my beamer
Rollin wit my Nina...
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