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Lyrics to It's Just Love!- English
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Because the weather is nice, you suddenly called me, then

You made me wa it in vain, unsure of your intentions

You know I ran to get here, so

there'd better be a good reason for this!

* Just Love! You insensitive jerk

I'm mean to you, but I love you!

Just Love! Because my feelings are always changing

It's impossible for me to say

Wait--I'm sorry...

...Just Love...

Today I ran from your arms as you were taking me to dinner

Starving, I went home, to wait for a souvenir

How could I, being so naive, defy you? Now it hurts to meet your gaze!

Just Love! Because only a little of

the brightness in my eyes remains, I'll never forgive you!

Just Love! Because what I keep in my heart

Shouldn't taste so bitter, should it?

...Just Love...

* repeat
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