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[Erick Sermon]Yeah ya don't stopIn the motherfuckin house and ya don't stopEd Lover's in the motherfuckin house and ya don't stopOne-two, one-twoRepresentin Queens, and ya don't stopRepresentin Ed Lover, Dr. Dre one time, one-twoSo what'cha gon' do?[Ed Lover - overlapping Erick]Yeah, hahaha.. it's goin DOWWN!E-Double.. ready to kill this shitbut I gotta represent, knowhatI'msayin?On some East coast shit, cause niggaz don't think that I..I got mad skills, check this out[Erick Sermon]Road call! E rock the mic for alla y'allThe beat technician, real with no science fictionI come way from beneath with my shitHere's Erick, choppin down the door like Jack Nich' (heyyy)The super duper, Superfly break looseI'm deeper than Roots, Skywalk on niggaz like I'm LukePunk, I flow rhymes all the timeGettin mines, get props like Prince or The SignWhatever - I Jumpin Jack Flash on that sorry assreal quick, for niggaz that get slick (word 'em up)Heyy, if you didn't know I'm Erick Sermon (yeah)The Green Eyed one, you step to me you gettin doneFlame, number two is readyA drunk MC with rice, served, thinkin he was niceAlso with my clique, is Ed LoverMy entourage other brotherChorus: [Ed Lover] + (Erick Sermon)It's goin DOWWWN (one-two, and ya don't stop)(One-two, and ya don't quit)Hell, yeah, it's goin DOWWWN (one-two, and ya don't stop)(One-two, and ya don't quit)You ready sucka? It's goin DOWWWN(Ed Lover's in the house, one-two y'all)(Ed Lover's in the house, one-two y'all)It's goin DOWWWN (one-two, and ya don't quit)(It's part two on the verse gettin down like this)[Ed Lover]Check this outBow to the wow, yippie yo yippie yayIt's the Ed Lover with my OWN Dr. DreSpecial shout out, to the D-O-double-GThey can't tame ya so they framed ya for a 187 GWith a bow wow whoa, let me go, let me knowLettin ya know I'm still down with my homies down belowAnd ain't nuttin changed, ain't a damn thing strangeFirst name is still Ed, my middle name is still JamesBut hold up, wait! Let me pause for the causeI'm bustin all them suckers that be givin up them drawersLet them slide up in your back, for a fat contractMore Famous than Amos, but your shit is still wack!And Calvin Klein's, no friend of mineI only Karl Kani's, on my behindSo when you see me comin nigga gots to break wildEd Lover, Ed got love - for the other sideChorus: [Ed Lover] + (Erick Sermon)Hah yeah (it go like this, like that y'all)(To the beat to the beat to the beat y'all)Here we go - it's goin DOWWWN!(One-two it's goin down y'all)(One-two, one-two, it's goin down y'all)All you clowns - it's goin DOWWWN!(Like this y'all, it's goin way down, way down)E-Double - it's goin DOWWWN!(Ed Lover, is in the house)(Dr. Dre..)[Keith Murray]Now Keith Murray's in a hurry quick fastto get up in that ass with some ol' ill shit, and a paragraphAll y'all rappers comin with that happy-dappyscared to be nappy shit makes me wanna laughBelieve me you I'll come through with a crew,that's sicker than the fluYou couldn't even take these niggaz to the zooCause when I rap competition perform disappearin actsand I jam like SmuckersMy style is funky like a six-pack of motherfuckersMurray emphasizes on rough poetryWith formality, with no sympathyI'm on the MC killer streak like John Wayne Gacywith the funk, which is essentional with my recipeAnd I'm beatin Mother Nature down to her kneesby makin more papers than trees, niggaz please - it's goin downChorus: [Ed Lover] + (Erick Sermon)It's goin DOWWWN! (Uhh like this y'all)(It's goin down like this like that y'all)Y'all niggaz don't fuck aroundIt's goin DOWWWN! (Word 'em up like that y'all)(It's goin down like this word 'em up)Heyyyyy, it's goin DOWWWN!(Yeah, it's goin down like this y'all)(Like that like this y'all)All the ladies in the 90's y'all, it's goin DOWWWN!(It's goin down, it's goin down like this y'all)Now this what I want all y'all ladies to saySay this right, come over hereSay heyyayyyayyyayyy, Ed LoverSay heyyayyyayyyayyy, Erick SermonSay heyyayyyayyyayyy, Redman (come on y'all)Say heyyayyyayyyayyy, everybodySay heyyayyyayyyayyy, Ed LoverSay heyyayyyayyyayyy, Erick SermonSay heyyayyyayyyayyy, RedmanSay heyyayyyayyyayyy, Dr. DreIt's goin DOWWWN!That's how we comin for the nine-fo' y'allIt's goin DOWWWN!Yeah.. it's goin DOWWWN

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