It's Down Like The River Lyrics

Venusian Skyline

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Lyrics to It's Down Like The River
It's Down Like The River Video:
Silence, has taught me everything
followed, evil is whispering
hollow, I can see right to your bones
I dim the lights for the cold mirrors
reflecting what I used to know
black water, black sun

Cornered, the hawks are all around
this evening, the med sun touched my face
overwhelmed, (as 11:10 becomes 11:11)
my eyes have seen true beauty
my body knows how to feel
my heart wakes to find nothing at all

I'm all walled up baby
and i'm not coming out
there's nothing you can say
I've seen the outside world
and it's a darker place
this is the only way
My candle's burnt up darlin'
and my lights gone out
it's time to fade away
now I'm waving goodbye oh yeah

This is the final time
that I'll see your face or the waking of the sun
this is the final time so
I'll walk with you, next to everyone
it used to mean so much, it used to mean the world
now I leave with a smile and a goodbye
ooh yea... goodbye..
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