It's Definitely Gonna Be Great Lyrics

Itchy Poopzkid

Lights Out London

Lyrics to It's Definitely Gonna Be Great
It's Definitely Gonna Be Great Video:
Hey there baby put your best shoes on
Well´ll be dancing, dancing to the break of dawn
Even the bouncer smilesno need to start a fight
I am on the guestlist every singel night

And these are the world I carefully planned on saying
But there is no human being next to the Xbox I´m playing

I get up- there´s no one on the phone
I get down- all by myself home alone

I need someone around
I need someone to praise
But noone ever stays

I need someone that I
Can easily amaze
But noone ever stays

And time is that I waste
When all I need is company
But noone ever stays

VIP´s, vintage booze, 25 BMW´s
like Tiger Woods cheating on his wife
like Michael Jackson back alive

But this room is the only friend of mine
24/7 extra time
No girl to show, no wheel to steer
so everytime I´m ending up to here
I´m always ending up to here
Except for me there´s no here

Every night in my sleep I get up from my throne
And I wave to the crowd, I am never alone
Everyone cheers me on I can see in their faces
They´re almost as thrilled as the king of this place is

But when rhe night ends it is slowly occuring to me
That this might not be real that I might only see
How I desperately want my life finally to be
And I´m waking up all by myself
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