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MC Lyte

Seven & Seven

Lyrics to It's All Yours
It's All Yours Video:
Our love is old school like Mary Jane's
Boston big beans and candy cane's
Exchange you look on a number two train
Run catch kiss sunshine or rain
Jackson 5 good times with Jefferson's
Yeah Baby you know I liked it better when
You lived closer but then you moved
But that couldn't stop our groove
My magic man my Brooklyn boy I wonder
I rub your shoulders and impress that you was under
Late night rides out to sunrise
Catch a flick or two and went back to bedside
You in the bubble goose me in the sheep skin
Cold as hell back then it wasn't mattering
Long as we're hand in hand your my man I'm your girl
Ready to conquer the world

This is for all the years you've been
My companion as well as my best friend
So tonight Baby I'm giving you what you want
It's all yours

Our love is like a Romeo and Juliet flick
So surreal but yet picturous
There were problems I can admit
But we handled it and still the candles lit
So glad that we didn't just jet
Cause now we reap the benefits
Who would have thought
The cute little boy from down the street
Would fall in love with me
It's like a number one dream come true
To have somebody you love love you
And that's all that matters
Is that we grow together make sure we never
You're the reason I live
Because I want you to get all that I got to give
Long as we're hand in hand your my man I'm your girl
Ready to conquer the world

Our love is mystical like galaxies you can't touch
Around the world and back again I love you that much
Our love is destiny like Bonnie and Clyde
We'll die bolded side by side
Throughout the day I remain truthful
I keep it tight for you sexy and useful
I told my mom when our days are through
If you have to go first bury me next to you
What I feel is unexplainable, 'I love you'
Just ain't enough to say to you
You've been there from the beginning to the end
My companion as well as my best friend
You got my heart now, here's my life
Yes I'm ready to be your wife
From here one know that your the one

Everything you want it has to be done

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