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Lyrics to It's All I Know
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A fire rages within my heart
But no one will stop to warm their hands
Just smoke to the passers-by
Smoke to the passers-by

Paid in full to the smiling clowns
Spread their word in the unholy towns
Whispering solus lies
Gonna get you high
All smoke to the passes-by

Take my hand in to nowhere
Walking up and up these Penrose
Round and round the silent streets

It's all I know

Take the library for the lion share
Bathe in Keats and put on all the airs

Burn the books down to till cinders fade
Bury the past and live where roses are made
Roll in desire, roll in desire

It's all I know

Found you, something to believe in
And we, no we won't last forever
But it's alright

It's all I know
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