Lyrics to It's A Wonderful Life
It's A Wonderful Life Video:
Once again I wake up alone on the wrong side of the bed
And once again you begin your dancing nakedly on the right side of my head
It's for a lack of better words that I can hardly speak my soul
And I'm feeling what I'm feeling when I'm feeling when it's time to lose control, my love

And once again we're off to war
But I can't agree with what we're fighting for
And that's not all, because every time she smiles
I see her soul, and I smile what a wonderful life

It's true I used to try, but then I gave up
I learned it doesn't really matter,
what I do ain't enough to appease or to please,
all my well meaning deeds seem to all go up in smoke
And every time I look into these smoke filled skies
I wonder what she's doing, why I volunteered to die
But tonight I will fight for my life so I might see my wife again

I explained to her that I'd be back
And I gave my word that the fighting wouldn't last
But despite my pact, I know that every breath I draw might be my last,
and I smile: It's been a wonderful life

God damn, another summer in the city
and I never seen a girl look so pretty as you
when you smile oh you're wild for a while,
I was hoping I might see you again
And I know that everyone is willing to go
and I find I'll turn it all and leave on a dime
If I leave tonight (screw what's right) I can make it home by dawn

And I was told "Boy, prepare for war"
But they failed to mention what I'd be fighting for
So I fight for this: the fact that as I pass away,
I'll feel her kiss, and I'll smile: what a wonderful life,
Me of my, what a wonderful life,
Oh to die for such a wonderful life
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