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Lyrics to It's A Test Pt. 1
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If there ever was a test
then I'd be better than the rest
'cause I know better than the most
that love will haunt you like a ghost
it's the everlasting feeling
of not being who you want to
of not saying what you mean to
though you really, really want to

And as the ashes of the trees
that you have burned down
on your way
comes together in a pile
they form a mountain in my way
and I know that I must force it
to get out of here alive
I try to think of something alse
I try to keep the spirit high

But it's not love that makes you wiser
makes you better ot refine you
it's not love that keeps you fit
pulls you up and realigns you
it's the battle with yourself
and it's the things
that you must go through
to get it right and get it over with
and get back in the world

But it's not that I still want you
you're not standing in my way
and it's not that I feel lost
and feel there's something left to say
it just really left me
that one question in my head:
do you ever wish that you
could just forget that we have met?
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