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Lyrics to It's A Good Thing
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[Verse 1: Fashawn]
Tell me, what means the world to you?
Your spouse, or your house with the gorgeous view?
Is it the sand white and the water blue?
But your priorities are out of order, true? (You've got a good thing)
In an empty pursuit of profit and respect
Preoccupied, you collect more problems to neglect
Evidently a success, and obviously depressed
But the drama, the stress, it's probably for the best
But will we all start realizing that we are blessed?
Excess expectations we accept
Let's make a bet, homie
You stay in debt, don't ya?
You take an L while your lady takes the rest
Enough is never enough, we want everything
Like every baby mama want a wedding ring
While you're stuck on this planet
Focus on what's important
And try to take nothing for granted

And it's all good (You've got a good thing)
Till it goes bad, till it goes bad
And it's all good (You've got a good thing)
Till it goes bad, till it goes bad

[Verse 2: Aloe Blacc]
What can I say?
Good thing was my good thing
Need a dollar, got a dollar
Move out the hood thing
Goodbye 12th Street and Hoover, we won't miss you
Now sirens and gangbanging teens ain't the issue
Papa's got a new bag to be concerning with
Like how my piece of the pie look when the earning's split
Season it with sugar and spice
Cause the good things I have in my life's the butterfly in the belly of my wife
Same time, make lightning strike twice
Thunder shake me up
One hit wonder, while the world screaming "Wake Me Up"
But I'ma sleep just a little bit longer
Every night my daydreams get a little bit stronger
Every day my nightmare's worst fears subside
Three years in the making, let me swallow some pride
Got another good thing for ya
When you hear it, hopefully it's gonna lift your spirit


[Verse 3: Choosey]

We got simple needs and complicated means
[?] rhyming in the pot again and probably all week
[?] your head in gift bags, say grace before you eat
A couple blocks down they pouring gravy on they feast
I had a complex about my family tree
My apartment complex full of convicts and fiends
Drug dealing, gun fire right across the street
We stuck inside the crib, drop and duck when them guns ring
We're dysfunctional, fussing over dumb things
Mum and Pops fighting really just because we
Ended up in county, we ain't seen him in a month, see?
I used to dwell on that until I felt bad
Took a look around and felt blessed to understand that
We ain't had the wealth still we had a present dad
Through the struggle that's a good thing to have
It's all good..


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