It Takes Place In October Lyrics

Who Cares

Who Cares

Lyrics to It Takes Place In October
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And so it begins as you gaze into the famine in your heart.
The flames of subjugation make it hard to hold your innocence.
And I, too, have been down, suffering life inside of a dark room,
but deep inside I know that my deliverance will come soon.

What arousing of spirit could have caused this violent rage?
My life has been a play; and it's time that I took center stage.
I remember swiftly moving, trying to diffuse this desire,
but the truth of my addictions burns much deeper than the fire.

From the angel's bitter descent... as my world crumbles to pieces.
Begging on my knees for mercy from a lord that I've never met,
who lives inside of my conscience and my trials of contention.
Always trying to break me down with love and good intentions.

'Cuz the nice guys always finish last, for what it's worth.
And so I wonder if we burn in heaven as we burn upon the earth
where misery is made beautiful, right before your eyes.
I can't even see my own reflection trough the lies...

It's a shame how his people were so easiler used and hurt.
Damaged by the years of not knowing the reasons why it didn't work.
And I'm sick and tired of building up the lies for all I lack.
Insecurities agonize, as I'm stunned by the brutal sneak attack.

Everyone loves you, when you're attractive and easy.
When you're not, it's a crime. And most apperances are deceiving.
But all opinions set aside, I guess it won't be long.
Dredging from the quarry of life, I'm trying to carry on.

(Thanks to James Clark & Scotty for these lyrics)
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