Lyrics to It Should Be You
It Should Be You Video:
I spend my time alone No one to call my own That was until the day I saw you standing there I knew it instantly So I seized the day And told you right away I know it sounds crazy When I told you the thoughts In my head But I would not let got Before you know I meant the words I said It should be you And it should be me Cos from the minute That I saw your smile You chased my blues away It should be me And it should be you Cos there´s nobody else Who makes me feel the way You do The words that come to me They come so easily And like no time before This time I knew for sure And then to my surprise You gave me this reply You said you´ve seen me too These words I heard from you Love´s never crazy if you follow Where your heart is let And what I feel for you You´re feeling too This is what you said Refrain When you´ve standing By my side So you feel it too Cos nobody can Make it so right Refrain

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