Lyrics to It
It Video:
Shashamani: All di crew an di massive where is my posse? Hand mi de acid inna dem face mi a go dash it. Gimme a "uuh" if you love it, a "prah" if you bu'n it. Hand mi di tonic, mek dem drink it till dem vomit. Pompom, cyan crush it, dem haff suck it. To how dem tired, dem haffi drink whole heap a coffee. Cyan kill no more prophet di youth no impassive. Cyan believe the media, caus dem vomb it and dem brush it. Blackness dem can't block it the Pope said you must not joke with jacket. Di joystick we've got it to navigate the public. Love, love. love. Now me go say: uuh... is a very delicate topic that's why i hint at it don't adress it. It's all about the way you drop it. Real shit a di best shit. Dis some east an some west shit. Some unity and strenght shit. Like a lunatic a fancy when a tune a hit mi gently. Extend mi mentally like sensi or Calli. Mek mi fly down the alley. And shut up dem rally. Mi a go kick up dem posse. Slap dem like a fossy. When mi love turn into fire. And mad dem like Mariah. That' why me a go buzz it. What dem portay mi cannot trust it. Dem to craven, dem to fussy dem a big time liar. Mi a go flush it. Devil dem a worship come fi bless it, not fi curse it - come fi cleansen it and fi wash it.

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