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Lyrics to It Just Begun
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Down came the ngihtwith neon lightsWhen something caught my eyeIt made me sin and it made me grinAnd still I wonder whyNow all it tookit was just one lookTo fall in love with youAnd sometimes I remember, oh so wellHow visions can come true(Chorus)And I wanted all the world to know itThat this love affair was so much funAnd with all our passion we did show thatIt just begunUp came the dawnthe morning sunWe laid on satin sheetsYou made me fly and you made me signYou kissed my mellow peachThe thirst was gone vibrations lingered onContent we fell asleepI still depend and I must realizeThis dearest I will keep(Chorus)And I wanted all the world to share itThat this lucky girl would be the oneTaking all the chances was so easyIt just begunChorus

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