It Gotta Be That Way Lyrics

Kool Keith

The Personal Album

Lyrics to It Gotta Be That Way
It Gotta Be That Way Video:
[Kool Keith:]
Yeah, global worldwide
Kool.. Keith

It gotta be that way! [x3]

Girl I'm lookin at you with sheer honesty
Baby fall in love with me, show me, honor me
Can't let me go home tonight
Make you the #1 girl, take you all over the globe
Fluctuate your neck with pearls
Get in the Lincoln Navigator limo
Take her shoppin, make sure she get the credit card
Give her everything, she wants Earl
The pop star lookin off Trump Towers
Gospel groups feel my presence, only God gave me the powers
More incredible than David Blaine, the official one

It gotta be that way! [x3]

Add more, the center of the congregation
Take you to better places
The Panama Canal, to release your backed up frustration
Can you handle the close dancing, grapes and wine?
European suit, the best service
Hugh Hefner atmosphere, bikini extravaganza
Blondes feed me hors d'ouerves, at the Playboy Mansion
Poolside view, E&J mixed with Perrier
Larger than Dean Martin, never catch me doin "The Best Of"
A compilation with the greatest hits
Just count the albums, I sign myself on your greatest list

It gotta be that way! [x3]

The convention ain't started yet
The camera crews, the paparazzis, the monitors
WNBC, turn on your TV set
More attention than Kate Hudson, gettin off a private jet
Sign your autograph, limo windows go down, I love to cash my check
Love to hear those voices, enough respect
You know what time it is, you know what rhyme it is
No strings you ask yourself partner, are you important in the music biz?
Or do you know what top music is?
Forget the office, if anything's real I will be callin your crib~!

It gotta be that way! [x3]
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