It All Dies Today Lyrics

Eyes Of Fire


Lyrics to It All Dies Today
It All Dies Today Video:
I am left here alone in the depths I create.
The walls are all peeled back, exposing my fate. The one thing I know is I can't do the time.
As days become minutes and months fade to nights.
I don't have the will now to carry this life. It's the one fleeting moment that broke down inside.
Where do we end it? When did it begin?
I need something this time, a means to an end. It all dies today.
I'm bringing it down. Finding the way to carry this weight has broken my spirit and shattered my faith.
I'm losing myself in a dark weathered soul I'm alone in this dream and I want to let go.
When does the chance that we have in this life all fall apart and break up from inside?
It's time to break out, there is no need to explain. I need something this time, a means to an end. Kill the light.
It's all I can hope for. It ends tonight and it's what I'll be known for.
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