It Ain't Working Lyrics

Tim Daniel

Putting It To Bed

Lyrics to It Ain't Working
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Nothing left to talk about
You're suffocating
Like you're doing time 'til the time runs out
No escaping
And you're wishing for a getaway
And your dreams have not yet faded
But you just can't find the strength to say
Lives are wasted, let them know it ain't working

And once you've left it there
No time for doom and gloom
No calling back to share the good old days
Don't even think about the marathons in the bedroom
Things can be misconstrued if the sex was great

If they come back round, full of regret
Well I wouldn't get caught with your trousers down
No,no,no, it's not worth it
It feels good enough just moving on, liberating
And a heart works better when a heart's switched on
So while you're waiting

Let's speak hypothetically
What if you had the strength to leave?
Find a place where you could breathe and contemplate
Separate you both could live
Could be the best thing you ever did
Don't be over thinking it and hesitate

It's not too late
Let's pray you getaway, oh let's pray,
I hope you getaway.

Let 'em know it ain't working,
Let'em know it ain't working,
Hurts to say it ain't working
Hard to take when it ain't working
For goodness sake, if it ain't working
It ain't working
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