Lyrics to It Ain't Love
It Ain't Love Video:
Never knew what lied between us,
never really thought we cared
and though we tired so hard to make it mork ;
it wasn't going anywhere
and though it's true we're still together,
I think it's something else we share
'cause it ain't love baby, it ain't love ...

Seen some old friends broken up now,
seen new friends settled in
heard how things just should've worked out,
and watched it fall apart within
and though it's true we've been on both sides,
I think there's things we should've seen
'cause it ain't love baby, it ain't love

We can keep it going on and on,
but there's nothing gonna change
and though we say it's gonna be alright,
you know we'll never change
'cause it ain't love baby, it ain't love ...

(Thanks to D├ęborah for these lyrics)
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