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Lyrics to It Ain't A Crime
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Johnny was a bad boyHe was a juvenile delinquentHe had his pictureOn the wall of every precinctHe had a rep for hangin' out with his homiesPuffin' on the bluntsAnd sippin' on the 40'sBut when he spokeNobody would listenAnd when he was homeHis parents, they would diss him They called him a bumA worthless piece of shitSo over this he had a fitAnd now he grabs his bagAnd heads for the doorAnd walks to the neighborhood liquor storePulls out a gatAnd tells the old man, "Hit the floor"Then breaks open his register drawerPulls out the moneyStuffs it in his pocketPoints his pistolThen he starts to cock itThe man panicks and the gun goes offStupid old fool made Johnny blow his head offBut he don't care'Cause he was taughtIt ain't a crimeIf ya don't get caughtIt ain't a crime if you don't get caughtThat's how it is, homie, like it or notNow, comin' out of the storeJohnny shot two acpedic JewsWhen he got homeHis face was on the newsHis mom freaked outTold him, "Get the **** out"That's when the pigs rolled upSo, yo he ducked outHe hit the back doorLike his name was Carl LewisDipped to the pay phoneTo find out where his crew isHe called up his home boy Jose (word up)"Can I come over, my man?"He said, "No way!"The cop- was hereHe was lookin' all over for yaBut I told the pigI didn't know yaHe said, "Cool,pick me up at the schoolI need a ride 'causeI'm wanted for homicide"Johnny's got his gunAnd he's on the runBut he don't careTo him, the shit's funNow that he's an outlawSorta like Robin HoodThe hard-rock heroOf the whole neighborhoodIf they catch himHe'll wind up in court, butIt ain't a crime if ya don't get caught (ha ha)It ain't a crime if ya don't get caughtIt ain't a sale if it don't get boughtIt ain't a show if I don't get paidShe ain't a ho if ya don't get laid

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