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I Am Only Your Side Effect

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Lyrics to It's Always So Cold In Winter
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i sleep in but it's to no use i can't believe when i know there's no truth where are we going now? where will this take us? and i see your face now only through frames and i must admit it's not quite the same as it used to be i can feel your arms they're around me your love that holds my heart it surrounds me and it's always so cold in winter won't you come and keep me warm tonight i wake up calling your name out feeling so distant feeling so worn out when will this all end? is there an answer? and i missed your voice by only one ring but calling you back wouldn't make it the same as it used to be said goodbye unsure that we could make it and i said don't cry right here i just can't take it yeah i don't know why but i know i surely hate it and we can't get by without this so i'm waiting if you just ask why baby then i'm faking how i feel inside and for goodness sake please know i'm there till the end

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