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Volcano Choir


Lyrics to Island, IS
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On with your home, the song said it all to the sky
With a lone catapult and a song gently put to the side
And the tones he would push and the songs he would push to the side
when it all went to fuck in the snow that gets pushed to the side
Well your heart is a bush and it's talking to --with some size
When you already put all of the soup inside
They were all really smooshed with a calm steady push to the side
All that your heart finds
Wrong with your own wife

Sign up all your relatives
Only your heart would mind
And the serpentine

I'm the reaper of bonds
Called the arrival
Tear into the night
"Harder", said your boy

Conserve it with an omelette
And you're on it with the carpet
And you solved it, said you called it
Set your orbit, said you cough it
Said it's often that you're oh fits
And your old tits on your hard drive

NOTE: This is the best I could get. Any and all suggestions are very welcome. This song in the past week has come to top my play count by a lot. I love it so so much.
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