Isis Enthroned Lyrics

Intertitus Dei


Lyrics to Isis Enthroned
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[music and lyrics: Boeru]

Rise, you, Sebenithian godess!
Let us honor your thousand names,
Rise, you, holy mother of Horus,
Your memory will remain the same!

By the power of the snake
You found the secret name of Re,
So let the venom flow through out mortal veins,
Let us know your wisdom, break our chains!

Nephtis gathered your flesh and bones
And on your face she opened your eyes,
Bring Osiris back with your breath,
'Cause you have the power of life and death.

Bless the dark land, Kemi!
Bless your people, queen!

On your knees before Isis enthroned!
Bow your head before Isis enthroned!

In the name of Tefen,
In the name of Toth,
Let us come to you,
Isis enthroned!

For all the pain you've suffered
For Osiris, husband and brother,
You gave birth to Horus
To avenge his father.
We are the ones who worship
Your magic and your word,
Our queen and godess,
Isis enthroned!
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