Lyrics to Iscah's Life
Iscah's Life Video:
Burnt toast and alcohol
Your blood thin and cold
Light up another cigarette
Burned out, last degree
Suburban homes and ecstasy
Light up another cigarette
Don't you know it's the birth of the counter culture?
Upper class is feeding fat
Well-being meets heart attacks
Light up another cigarette
Day one

Liar, Liar
One up
Do they fall?
Two down lest they know
Three when you're buried deep in lies

Hey, this isn't about me and you and you and me
This isn't a round about to milk feed the pitiful

Rather slit my wrists
Getting old like this
Round and round we are
Fistful lit to go
Let's go

This isn't about you and me and me and you
This isn't a round, a round about to spread disease
You lost your dream, lost your friends, tears of un-bred
Admitting the evil
A bed of evil
I lay
One down

As I watch the world exploding
Tracks of every weathered whore
The gun dust staring at the cross
Afraid it all went black
Afraid in heart attacks
Sorry for your love
Rest in peace
"We drown"

I didn't want this
I didn't even know
Scared for what you are
Ashamed of who you are
Ashamed of where you're from
Ashamed you like it hot
Big black hearts
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