Lyrics to Isadora Duncan
Isadora Duncan Video:
Well, I have a friend
Knew Isadora Duncan
Yeah, she wore her scarves too long
Hit the gas a bit too strong
She lost her head
Still she saw the glory
Or so goes the story
Hope she was not wrong

She waits underneath electricity
What does she touch?
What does she see?
Isadora Duncan's so free

She is leaping
She is spinning with some urgency fantastic
Outspoken, she is choking as she veers into heavy traffic
Were you listening to the angels between the lines of your symphony?
Dancing under cobalt-blue skies
Morning star

You taught me well
Loved me even better
Prayed over my fields when they were cold and barren
Yeah, you held the truth from an austere trailor
Shoring up my failure
I was long past caring
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