Lyrics to Is This It?
Is This It? Video:
Now's not the time to start pointing the fingers
not the time to start placing the blame
now's the time to start asking the questions
will this world ever be the same?

the media painting opprobrious travesties
of a heterogeneous people with different beliefs
to discredit a race, keep them held in submission,
in saltmines, Guantanamo Bays and Abu-Ghuyrab prisons

and I hope that the day will arrive when your birthright, your culture
makes you fear for your freedom and your life
maybe then you will know what it's like when the load of injustice
bends you down like a splinter in your spine

yeah, I hope I'll be around to watch Babylon burn
to watch these omni-fascist structures overturn
yeah, I hope I'll be around when the bricks start to fall
and crackle fractures deep within these parting walls

is this the future we envisioned?
one half as victim and the other half imprisoned
was this our implicit suspicion

all along
all along
all along
all along

as an important historical document,
remember these atrocities carried out by western governments
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