Is Someone There Lyrics


While We Wait

Lyrics to Is Someone There
Is someone there?
'Cause I got a lot to say and right now in this booth it's me on my own
I think I need to let it go and talk about the things I went through on my own
Every now and then I got a free some space in my head before I explode
It's time to not be alone
So I'm asking is someone there

'Cause in 2019 I was not well
I'm talking health, in and out of the doctors
Seeking help online
Tryna figure shit out myself
I learned a lesson
Never Google symptons, trust me
Fucking hell
All I did there was stress myself
My insanity slowly floating away in need of an achor
No more room for the drugs or banter
Never forget hearing a man say that I don't want to say but that sounds like (Sounds like)