Lyrics to Is It True?
Is It True? Video:
Standing on the corner all alone
All the numbers in your broken telephone
They won't drive you home
Tonight you'll be all alone

And one thing I know is true
All these feelings that I have for you
They won't ever die
I wait and wait, they don't subside

And if it's true (and if it's true)
What will you do?
Every time I hear your name I crumble
Must it always be this way I wonder
Is it true?

Guess you don't need fond memories
But let's dispense with the pleasantries
It's killing me
And deep inside where no one else can see

And if it's true (and if it's true)
What would you do?
When I hear your name in conversation
I just bow my head in contemplation
Is it true?
Is it true?
Is it true?
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