Lyrics to Irock
Irock Video:
Verse: 1
You know I got plots and plans to expand gotta stand strong
thoughts that ran long got me thinking that the plan's wrong
but then it ran right; showed me that I can fight
through the light
you aware I knew that I was damned right
I am somebody who overcomes adversity
always recognizing that somebody got it worse than me
that aint about keeping another man down cause another man down is a tragedy
That will be averted when i word it clearly
persevere the attempts to cop me
I got the vision I dont merely see another copy
of the plans and the plots from another man hoping he can stand but he can't stop
I'm not seeing any bars that can hold me
and not believing anyone who ever told me I should hold back
so im presenting you the cold facts
testified on the record and I sold racks

I rock
when I rock
never stop
got the plans and the plots
got the pans and the pot
now we cooking with grease
so you gotta cease and desist
I resist temptaion
avoid that
Negativity in my circle
destroy that
planned for the battle at hand
I deployed that

Verse 2:
for forty days was tested
forty-first I rested
I got a lot of options but they not fully vested
present my side of the story in any category
eff the fame I just wanna to reclaim the glory
like MJ at forty im still looking to score
do me right, I am not the droid that you're looking for
Emcees galore
I ignore the distractions
on this sliperry slope with no traction reaction
expected sequestered
like jury conversation
Like christmas atticus I like to shop for liberations
rather waiting and debating, rules of the game
I refuse to lose, use both sides of the brain.
see I know the terrain
I never flow with the grain
as I endeavor to walk, between pleasure and pain
You either skating on thin ice, or walking on hot coals
The grass is always greener but my lawn, it got potholes
I love the underground and I'ma stay down
as I roam beneath the surface,
I seek the purpose
I cant please them all, dont have the time or the energy
the remedy: I never compromise my integrity.


Verse 3:
some might mean mug
mostly show love
when we come through above all these cornball emcees that we ran through
deja vu we reminiscing golden years up to the present
hip-hops the element emcees then with the essence
present tense, I'm sorry
future encoded, downloaded
now-a-days we're on computers from my npcs to windows xp,
repping hip-hop beatifully
something lovely, bubbly flows from cup to cup
pounds go round and thats what's up
when it goes down, we're the last men standing
beatdowns were handed like a late pass
cause I got this calm demeanor
lots of these cats keep gassing like a figure-4 leg lock
making the pain insane until your head rots.
better not go on the deep end
dj records spins the next stop
get up, stand up
then put your hands up
and lose your mind like your man's up

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