Lyrics to Irish Lace
Irish Lace Video:
This is about two women. One lives not too far away and though she is still around you could say she has gone. The other has long departed this world but I couldn't say she's ever left.

With your Irish gypsy face Your silver spoons
and your velvet razor blades oh lover
You pulled the wool right over my face
But didn't it feel like Irish lace So many times
I wanted just to lay beside you So many times
you turned and rolled away Those times that
lovers make for sleeping If there were friends around
to keep you up you'd always slip away
Lonely but never quite alone

It's amazing we could make it another day
I mistook your smile for love Believed my eyes
like the ones before that it really was Oh lover
you know you broke my heart in three
Once for you and once for the kid and the final time was me
Yes I've seen you while you're sleeping
And I've seen your silent nights sometimes talking
but really never speaking It's a wonder to me now
why anybody ever tries like a silence that keeps screamin all the time
It's a wonder that we haven't lost our minds

Once a lover thought the world of me She scared me
with her hatred but she wrote me poetry Oh lover
you took yourself so seriously Who'd ever believe you'd really leave
What a way to leave one more lover no one dared to save
A statistic who just left without a trace Too scared
to stick around and say But who always had enough
had enough to throw away Like a memento
from an attic from another time and place
Like a rag that once was made of Irish lace
Like a rag that was made of Irish lace
Like a rag that was made of Irish lace
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