Lyrics to Iris Black
Iris Black takes a little while
To gather her thoughts
They get in and out of passing town cars they
Keep wandering off

Joining marching bands
and street parades and
Hiding out in bars
They see we've never been lonely
a day in our lives
and we're not about to start

Iris Black takes a moment
To catch her breath
It's shot through
on another honeymoon
It's trying, trying to leave her for dead

Its blowing out somebody's birthday candles
It's stealing cigarettes
She says every other day, something takes my breath away
And something, just brings it back again

Iris Black breaks the windows
She says it keeps her young
Some young actors are flying backward
Into the mid morning sun

She's trying to find the right words before
They can get their ice skates on
She says I've stayed on the run, for just long enough
To never find out, to never find out, what I've become

(Thanks to Mark Boyd for these lyrics)
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