Lyrics to Inward Massacre
Inward Massacre Video:
Collected to burn
Souls will be purified
This heaven is for hypocrites
Torture eternal
Till they are purified
Screams will feed this holy fire
No mercy for nothing will be shown
This heaven is for hypocrites
Lock them to their own Screams are internal
Sin is infernal
Feed the fire
Suffer eternal - Inward massacre
In minds (it) breeds not fades
Dominate instincts unveiled
The grown hate suffocates
Inward massacre flows in veins
No exit from this hell
Even selves they sell
They will be forever there
I swallow the pain behind their life insane
Never walk through the way of wince and disgrace
I am the one, I am alone
To punish them all
For the life they live
Leave them all in prison of wrath and fear
Leave them all in heaven where pain is rapture
In penta corners are sharper
Let sufferings be eternal.
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