Invoke (1. Opening) (English) Lyrics

Gundam Seed

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Lyrics to Invoke (1. Opening) (English)
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Everytime we pass each other by in our haste. We hit and tear each other apart Both of us can feel the pain in each other´s wings I embrace you with hands tainted with loneliness Since I don´t know how to do anything else but that I´m looking forward to the instant when we connect and eternity awakens A time that´s too fast Awakens in the blink of an eye Saying that your wishes can´t come true because you´re alone Doesn´t that make your words seem to be on the verge of disappearing The heated entanglement from which I´m trying to tell others the truth Whom should I protect it from? The emotions that you craved at some point in time If it were there...

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