Lyrics to Invisible
Invisible Video:
Invisible, oh

Have you already judged me
As someone with nothing to give
Do you notice as I touch you now?
You're looking through what I'm holding for you

Invisible, aahh Invisible, aahh (is what I am to you)

Do you see me through those shades you use?
You're tinting me a fade to grey
(I wanna be a rainbow)

Invisible, aahh Invisible, aahh (is what I am to you)
(Like the glass in the frame of your window pane)

Can you see can you see can you see
What you're trying to see?
You're staring right through me
Simply taking what you need and never
Respecting where it's from
Is it still your truth to wear these blinkers?
Do you wanna open, open up your eyes?

Awawawa...lalalala, Invisible, aahh Invisible
(Like the fact that I'm so much more
Than you think you need me for
Like the ships in the sky, like the souls in the sea
Like the prices of fame, Pammy Anderson's brain
Illuminati and the Ashtar command
We pretend they're not there
Like a Cover Girl's leg hair
Cliff Richard's sex life, John Lennon's ex-wife)
(Like the cow that it takes to make your burger and shake)
Human eclipse at your fingertips

I'm not going down the pit!
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