Lyrics to Invincible
Futile guardian
I always stood by your side
Basis of consistence
Exiled from your kingdom
If I had one wish I wish I wouldn’t hear a sound
As I burn this to the ground
Wealth and hand sewn robes to keep your skin warm
Whilst I frost my breath in your absence
Don’t tell me to change when all you do is change
A masterpiece in your hands
You pour it down the drain
This blizzard won’t break me
Don’t you forget
Don't you forget
I am invincible
Gather round to watch me drown
The tide will never take me (take me)
Comforting the thought that I may fritter away
Don’t you forget (don't you forget) I’m unbreakable
Right now’s as pleasant as it’ll ever be
For the storm brings absence
Even your shadow gets lost in the dark
A gasping moment, take a picture
And fucking frame it
Crawl as your kingdom fritters away
I am unbreakable
Moan as your kingdom fritters away
I am invincible