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Lyrics to Inverted Science
Bold face lies.
not me! Nor me! its the other guy!
So many ways to bend the truth
The dishonesty is his, the silence is mine.
They will never understand me, or reach me in time......:)

we walk down the padded hall, white, and long.
same day, same people, same wrong.
All along the halls, i roam.
Inside myself, i am not alone.

Scream to tell you what its all about.
Life of fear, pain, and doubt.

Always there to take the fall.
inside my head...he is the cause of it all!.

Stupid pains inside me....calling my name
Always there...always loud....always the same!

We are many, but one in the same.
share body, mind, and pain.
I am not you! that can never be!!.
im only the lonely prisoner...trapped inside...of me.

Ill watch as you take over....
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